8 December 2016
John Appleby

John Appleby

Director of Research and Chief Economist
Nuffield Trust

The NHS Combined Performance Summary is a monthly release of data on key performance metrics for the NHS. Here we pull out some of the most important aspects relating to quality. This is a quick response to the latest data (for October 2016); for more in-depth analysis of the data over time, review our interactive indicators.

See statements on the new data from the Nuffield Trust here and from The Health Foundation here. 

This month's new data is released as we publish our latest annual statement, which looks at a wide range of indicators through different areas of healthcare. Among its findings are worrying increases in waiting times - an observation borne out by the new data issued today. Read our annual statement here.

A&E data

A and E trusts data

A and E 4 hour target


Cancer referral times


Delayed transfers of care


Total waiting list



According to Audit Scotland reports Targets missed in Scotland 7 out of 8 and worsening levels except A/E which is back to near 95% ( the amended target from 98%) Uniquely the SNP government in 2012 brought into effect the Patient Rights Act 2011. Against Scottish Labour's advice ( I was shadow Public Health Minister 2007-2015.) this gave a LEGAL right to every scot that they would be admitted for inpatient or day case treatment within 12 weeks of diagnosis. The law has been broken so far for 50,000. Patients have no compensation not that I think they should but this law is the worst form of political posturing. Our delayed discharge are running at 45-50,000 bed-occupied days i.e. Over twice the comparable level of England and three times what it was in 2011. Yet when Labour said in 2011 that more money should go into social care we were repeatedly slammed ' you wouldn't have protected the NHS' Increasing problems in general practice similar to England but I don't know if England did what the SNP did here. 2011 they cut medical student intake by 50 cut Nursing student every year since they took power in 2007 and by 20% alone in 2011. They cut midwifery students in 2011 by 40% closing three university units. Disastrous workforce planning
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