Allied health professionals

This diverse group of 12 healthcare professions delivers services in many settings and at all points on the patient pathway, and includes physiotherapists, speech and language therapists and paramedics. In a comprehensive report, our researchers examine the role of allied health professionals (AHPs) in the NHS. 

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Our latest analysis seeks to understand more about the type, range and impact of care delivered by AHPs and how this might be changing.
The NHS has over 64,000 allied health professionals on its books – up by a third in the last decade, yet we hear surprisingly little about them.
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Allied Health Professionals are a growing part of the NHS workforce, yet there is remarkably little data on the contribution they make to quality of care, our research reveals.
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Did you know the number of allied health professionals in the NHS increased by 34% in 11 years? Get the facts from our research.