Social care users and access to information

The Personal Adult Social Care Survey asks people over 18 who use services wholly or partly funded by social services about their experiences. The questionnaire is conducted yearly and looks at quality through patient experience to understand whether services are helping people to live safely and independently.

Has the proportion of social care users who found it easy to access information changed?

About this data

There were a number of changes to the survey methodology in 2014/15. The most important changes to note are:

• The population covered by the survey now includes only those in receipt of long-term support services; those in receipt of low-level support only (such as equipment and adaptations, professional support, or short-term residential care) are not included in the survey population or sample.

• The population covered by the survey now includes those service users who receive support from CASSRs in terms of assessment and care management but who pay in full for the cost of their services (full cost clients); previously service users were included only where the CASSR made a contribution towards the costs of services received.

• The methodology used to weight the results has been enhanced to improve the accuracy of the estimates presented.

Because of these changes, it is not possible to make direct comparisons between data for 2014/15 and previous years.

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