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International comparisons

Focus on: International comparisons of healthcare quality explores how quality of care in the UK has changed over time, making comparisons with 14 similar countries. We consider performance against 27 of the OECD’s Health Care Quality Indicators, discussing both what international comparisons can tell us about healthcare in the UK, and the value of such comparisons as a means of assessing performance.

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Our report analyses 27 care quality indicators across OECD countries to explore what comparisons of international healthcare data can tell us about quality of care in the UK.

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What can the UK learn from international comparisons of healthcare quality? We offer an overview of our research. Download the full in-depth report and appendices now.

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Comparing healthcare quality between countries is an immensely important undertaking, but the data must be interpreted with care.
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Looking at healthcare quality from an international perspective over time offers us a 3D picture of performance.
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Although the information infrastructure in OECD countries needs to be strengthened, there is no reason not to try to learn from approaches taken abroad.
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Compare healthcare quality across 15 countries with interactive indicators showing comparable data from primary, acute and cancer care. 

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Despite significant improvements since 2000, the UK can and should do better in preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and improving survival from killer diseases.