8 November 2016
John Appleby

John Appleby

Director of Research and Chief Economist
Nuffield Trust

The NHS Combined Performance Summary is a monthly release of data on key performance metrics for the NHS. Here we pull out some of the most important aspects relating to quality. This is a quick response to the latest data (for September 2016); for more in-depth analysis of the data over time, review our interactive indicators.

See statements on the latest NHS England performance data from The Health Foundation and the Nuffield Trust.

A&E waiting times

CPS AE waiting times 0611

A&E trolley waits

CPS trolley waits 1611

A&E attendances

CPS AE attendances 1611

A&E admissions

CPS AE addmissions 1611

A&E departments missing the 4hr target

CPS missed 4hr 1611

Delayed transfers of care

CPS dtocs days 1611

Delayed transfers of care 1611

Cancer treatment times

CPS cancer waiting 1611

Total elective waiting list

CPS elective waits 2 1611


Based upon the trends shown in your graphs,the future of health care (and for that matter, all aspects of care!) in this country, is extremely worrying. More worrying however,is the fact that successive governments ,have chosen to "pretend that it isn't happening"? which leads one to feel,that it is part of a deliberate plan to privatize it
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