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Public health and prevention

Combining quantitative data from 20 indicators across five key areas of public health with a survey and in-depth interviews with senior public health professionals, this report provides a glimpse into the current state of public health services and explores the potential impact on key health outcomes

The QualityWatch programme today publishes its latest report, Focus on: Public Health and Prevention
Public health cover transparency

By Alisha Davies, Eilis Keeble, Tazeem Bhatia and Elizabeth Fisher

David Buck
Councils must work to deliver public health across services, but the NHS has to step up too
Andrew Furber
Sorting out the subjectivity from the science of public health
Jessica Studdert
Tensions within the current public health system highlight the need for a place-based approach to health
Nora Cooke O'Dowd
QualityWatch’s research analyst, a former local authority statistician and epidemiologist, writes about how changes to the management of population health data are affecting the new front line of public health.
Alisha Davies
What we learned at the QualityWatch seminar on public health and prevention
A public health registrar debates the consequences of reform to a key data collection agency