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2016: Quality at a cost

In our fourth annual statement we find that standards in some parts of the health system are being maintained, but it seems that access to services is being forfeited. We observe that the pressure of austerity did not impact on quality measures straight away, but took a few years to be felt. Further ‘delayed decline’ could occur in other aspects of care quality, given the extent of the challenges faced and ongoing austerity in health and social care spending.

Ongoing pressures risk making the health service more vulnerable to serious lapses in care
Jennifer Dixon and Nigel Edwards
By Nigel Edwards, Nuffield Trust and Dr Jennifer Dixon, The Health Foundation

A visual summary of our key findings

Writing for National Health Executive, Robert Reed assesses the new year outlook for care quality.
A response to our 2016 annual statement from the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives
Responding to our 2016 annual statement, NHS Providers argue that frontline NHS staff are working hard to maintain quality against financial pressures and growing waiting times